Gatorade’s New Store Lets You Pay For Products with Your Step-Count


Let us make it clear, Gatorade isn’t interested in your cold-hard cash. If the brand’s ultra-ambitious new project is any indication, no amount of pennies and nickels will sway the iconic sports drink provider from its mission to keep the world active and hydrated. Say hello to the Gatorade Sweat Exchange, Australia’s first-ever step-count currency store, whereby shoppers pay for products not with card or coin, but with the number on their pedometer. That’s right, to buy new gear at this shopfront, you’ll need to work for it.

The Gatorade Sweat Exchange | Image: Gatorade Australia

The Gatorade Sweat Exchange will open on Boxing Day in Sydney’s iconic Martin Place, offering Aussies a truly unique shopping experience. According to the brand, shoppers simply need to show their step count on their phone or wearable device to make a purchase in-store. Shoppable items are offered on a tiered system whereby certain effort-based milestones unlock greater purchasing power. And it starts before you even step foot in the store.

To gain access to the Gatorade Sweat Exchange, you’ll have to show that you have completed at least 10,000 steps; the recommended daily threshold. From there, the rewards start to bank up, with 15,000 steps scoring you Rebel Sport vouchers and ice baths, over 25,000 steps opening the opportunity for a Garmin watch or headphones, and more than 40,000 steps getting you to the Peloton fitness equipment tier level. And if that’s not enough, the first shopper to crack 70,000 steps will win a trip to New York with a guaranteed spot in the city’s coveted Marathon.

The first person to hit 70,000 steps will win a trip to compete in the New York Marathon | Image: Gatorade Australia
The first person to hit 70,000 steps will win a trip to compete in the New York Marathon | Image: Gatorade Australia

As Kathy Usic, Gatorade’s Health Sciences Nutritionist explained, the new Gatorade Sweat Exchange concept allows Aussies to see physical activity as a new form of currency, one that could ultimately pay off in the long run.

“Sweat has always been a symbol of effort, dedication, and the pursuit of personal goals.,” Usic said. “With the Gatorade Sweat Exchange, we are transforming this powerful symbol into a currency for fitness-inspired shopping. Each drop of sweat represents not just physical exertion, but a tangible connection to personal wellness with the added gratification of cashless shopping.”

The Gatorade Sweat Exchange Martin Place opens to the public on Boxing Day at 8am. The multi-faceted retail environment will offer a “fusion of fitness and retail therapy”, ideal for the post-Christmas pudding diet.

Gatorade on a field | Image: Robert Arnar
Image: Robert Arnar

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