It’s Not You, It’s Your Hormones. Here’s What You Can Do About It

Is anyone else approaching their 40s or 50s and feeling their age physically but not mentally? Your thoughts and desires are still as resilient as ever before but your body and energy levels seem to be lagging? Some men simply shrug at this all-too-common occurrence and then veer even further in the wrong direction by making poor dietary decisions or ignoring potential solutions. Meanwhile, they could have been outperforming themselves all along with a little help from STAIT, the natural health company founded right here in Australia.

STAIT officially launched in 2018 but its story started much earlier than that, when co-founder Shaun Sargent began to notice the toll of ageing on his daily performance. A busy CEO with a demanding schedule, Shaun searched tirelessly for a product that would help put him back in the fast lane of life. It was his wife and co-founder Samantha who told him to stop whining and create the solution for himself. From this sage marital advice, the seeds of STAIT were planted.

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What Shaun and Samantha discovered during their subsequent journey was that hormone imbalances and deficiencies were at the very heart of reduced performance as we age. So began months of research and development, as they strove to create a product that would bring out the very best in users. It was after meeting a Ph.D. scientist with a specialty in male andropause (i.e. male ageing) that their mission kicked into high gear. With help from a team of additional Aussie scientists—all of whom studied hormone health—the dream soon became a reality.

The result was STAIT Supplement for Men, a TGA-listed capsule that takes inspiration from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda and features 10 clinically proven ingredients designed to optimise hormones and boost overall performance. It was such an outright success that a women’s formula was launched soon after, with Samantha herself being the first to try it out. To this day, both Shaun and Samantha remain regular STAIT users with boosted energy levels, physical improvements, and better sleep to show for it. Meanwhile, they’re far from the only people to benefit from this science-backed supplement.

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At the root of STAIT’s mission is not just an effective supplement but a broader philosophy about the way we live our lives. The brand goes to great lengths to highlight the influence of things like nutrition and fitness on our hormone levels and then the influence of our hormone levels on the way we think and feel.

Rather than trying to ‘band-aid’ a symptom, the label wants to educate men and women alike so that one can get to the very source of their condition and change accordingly. They also maintain a helpful blog, where you can read about the various ways to optimise male hormone health or learn what people like UFC coach and nutrition expert Shaun Kober experienced when he began using STAIT.

Then we have the products themselves, all of which were created with enhanced male performance in mind. Whether you’re a CEO or an athlete or just a regular hard-working dude, STAIT’s supplement could be a game-changer as you grapple with ageing. And don’t forget, the brand makes a supplement for the ladies as well, which may help them tackle fatigue, menstrual pain, and other common ailments. Here’s a closer look at three of STAIT’s bestsellers.

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Supplement for Men | Image: STAIT

STAIT Supplement for Men

Shaun and Samantha’s search for the most effective male supplement brought them to this proprietary formula of standardised herbal extracts and minerals. Not only was every ingredient chosen for a specific reason but they’re included at the exact dosage required for the most optimal results. Take this pill twice daily and you may experience a full host of benefits, including increased energy levels, improved stress response, healthy sleep, and better overall performance across work and play alike. It all starts here.

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STAIT Superfood

The good folks at STAIT know that diet and nutrition are fundamental to men’s health and so it has created a veritable superfood. Among its 16 natural and organic plant extracts is organic Australian-grown alfalfa (the highest form of bioavailable amino acid in the world) along with time-tested adaptogens. When we say “time-tested,” by the way, we’re talking thousands of years. Each serving helps detox and reinvigorate the mind and body alike, reducing stress and increasing energy while promoting healthy vital organs.

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Men’s Skin Balm | Image: STAIT

STAIT Men’s Skin Balm

Now that you’re feeling better on the inside, you’ll want to look the part on the outside. Enter this multi-purpose moisturiser for men, which comes chock full of proteins, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to deliver healthy-looking skin. Ingredients such as coconut oil help hydrate the skin while killing bacteria and stopping inflammation. Hemp promotes relaxation and pain relief and likewise helps tackle inflammation, while moringa oil has been known to prevent cell damage and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Get your groom on and your glow will follow.

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Men’s Herbal Tea | Image: STAIT

Getting older is a fact of life but feeling older is far more flexible than it may first appear. Even those of us who are mentally sharp will experience decreased energy levels and increased physical ailments as we age. Some men will ignore the problem while others will go to medical extremes while the real solution was staring them in the face all along. Make the right lifestyle choices and take the right supplements and you’ll be the best version of yourself in no time. STAIT co-founders Shaun and Samantha underwent their journey and came back with proven results. Your journey starts now.

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