Biden Campaign takes cautious stance on Trump’s eligibility challenge

President of the United States - Joe Biden | Credits: AFP via Getty Images
President of the United States - Joe Biden | Credits: AFP via Getty Images

United States: President Joe Biden stated that it is “self-evident” that the candidate is an insurrectionist for attempting to reverse his 2020 election defeat, while he refrained from commenting on a Colorado legal challenge that would prevent Donald Trump from running for office in the state. 

The Democratic president spoke about his probable Republican opponent in the upcoming race just after arriving in Milwaukee for an economic-focused speech, according to the Associated Press.

“Whether the 14th Amendment applies or not, we’ll let the court make that decision,” Biden told reporters on the tarmac after stepping off Air Force One. “But he certainly supported an insurrection. There’s no question about it. None. Zero. And he seems to be doubling down on it,” he continued.

In accordance with section 3 of the 4th Amendment, Trump is ineligible to serve as president, as decided by the Colorado Supreme. This is the very first time in the country’s history that the candidate is prevented from the ballot.

Republicans have criticized the court’s ruling, and Trump’s attorneys have said that they intend to file an appeal with the US Supreme Court, as per the report by AP.

Trump hasn’t denied his defamatory claims that voter fraud helped Biden win the 2020 elections, and in addition to that, he pledged to pardon supporters who participated in the January 6 attacks on the US capitol.

Former US President – Donald Trump (left) and US President- Joe Biden (right) | Credits: Getty Images

Biden addressed Trump as a threat to the American Democracy. He has, however, been more cautious in handling the legal issues raised by his predecessor, including the multiple criminal cases that were brought against him.

White House Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre declined to comment when asked by reporters aboard Air Force One. “The president is not involved; we’re not involved in this,” she said. “This is a legal process, and we’re not involved in this,” Pierre stated.

White House Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre | Credits: Reuters

Biden’s campaign was similarly cautious in a call with reporters on Tuesday.