North Korea accuses US of double standards over South Korea’s spy satellite launch

President of North Korea Kim Jong Un | Credits: AP
President of North Korea Kim Jong Un | Credits: AP

United States: The United States was blamed for showing double standards by the authorities of North Korea on December 4. This allegation came following the launch of a spy satellite by South Korea from the US territory.

Earlier, the government of the United States blamed North Korea for testing out the satellite launch.  

Spy Satellite Launch by South Korea

The first-ever domestically built spy satellite was launched by the authorities of South Korea from the Vandenberg Space Force Base in California, the United States. This launch took place following the satellite launch by North Korea into orbit on November 21.

The reports by the news agency Associated Press (AP) underlined that the launch by North Korea gathered questions from various nations, including the United States, for violating the UN Security Council resolutions. But, the scenario was not the same for the South Korean launch.

Flags of the United States and North Korea | Credits: Reuters

The world body outlined that any North Korean launch involving ballistic technology was a guise for testing its missile capabilities. North Korea asserts its right to launch satellites and conduct missile tests, citing what it perceives as military threats led by the United States.

In this regard, an anonymous spokesperson for the North National Aerospace Technology Administration was quoted saying, “It is a space-level tragicomedy that the U.S., going frantic with illegal denunciation and sanctions moves over the exercise of (North Korea’s) sovereignty, has shown behavior based on double standards by launching a spy satellite of (South Korea) in a shameless manner.”

Furthermore, the statement mentioned that if “the gangster-like logic of the US… is connived and tolerated, global peace and stability will be exposed to an irrevocable grave danger.”

Statement by North Korea

North Korea mentioned that it has launched spy satellites to transmit imagery space views of the key sites in the United States and South Korea – including the White House and the Pentagon. However, these images have not been officially released by the authorities.

Launch of Spy Satellite by North Korea | Credits: AP
Launch of Spy Satellite by North Korea | Credits: AP

Following this claim, many security experts have asked about the high-resolution images of the places. Further, the authorities (of North Korea) have claimed that it will be launching various other spy satellites to monitor the movements of its rival countries and to enhance its moves against them.

South Korea’s plan to launch more satellites

According to several reports, the authorities of South Korea are in talks with SpaceX to launch at least four (4) more spy satellites by the year 2050.